Urban Scrawl Tours is dedicated to providing interesting, hands on, and fun city tours which expose students to an aspect of city life that otherwise may be overlooked or misunderstood. Tours can be focussed on street art, architecture or sculpture, and can be tailored to compliment your lessons for levels 3-12.

City Experience

An inquiry-based, challenging city program can be an invaluable experience for students at middle school level. The Victorian Government’s ‘Middle Years Research and Development’ (MYRAD) project (2002) outlines the needs of students in the middle years, as defined below. These are core considerations for Urban Scrawl Education Tours. Beyond offering a snapshot of art in the city, we immerse students in the world of the ‘hidden city’ – forming connections between the self and the urban environment, building confidence and extending students in the following areas:

  • Identity: “Knowing Who I Am”
  • Relationships: “Feeling Like I Belong”
  • Empowerment: “Being sure Of My Ground”
  • Success: “Appreciating My Strengths”
  • Rigour: “Feeling Appropriately Extended”
  • Safety: “Knowing That I’ll Be All Right”

Urban Scrawl Education Tours address VELS domain requirements in the following ways:

Physical, Personal & Social Learning Discipline-Based Learning Interdisciplinary Learning
Exploring social contextDiscussing legal implications and regulation

Rights & Responsibilities

Celebrating diversity in the community

Understanding different viewpoints

Promotion of positivity and respect in an open and honest learning environment

Movement & Physical activity


Exploring & responding

Comparing and analysing style

Use of appropriate art language

Promoting cultural understanding, invention and new directions

Confronting and exploring new ideas


Analysis and understanding

Encouraging development of personal viewpoints on a contemporary issue

Providing historical context

Exploring people and their cultures

Use of inquiry processes

CommunicationEncouraging clear and confident communication

Using appropriate language to present information and ideas

Design, Creativity and Technology

Evaluating processes

Engaging in theoretical understanding

Thinking Processes

Promoting skilful thinking

Creating connections between existing and new knowledge

Exploration of perceptions and possibilities




 Primary Student Tours  Secondary Student Tours



Melbourne Arts Tour

Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: Groups 10 or less: $15 per student / Groups 11 or more: $10 per student
Maximum Group Size:

The Arts tour takes in all the elements of Melbourne’s creative side. Students are led to iconic architecture, through vibrant laneways and find surprises in the subway. This fascinating introduction uses the arts to piece together the city’s past, exploring the role artistic practice plays in telling Melbourne’s story and shaping its future.

Art in the Street – Melbourne Laneway Arts Tour

Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: Groups 10 or less: $15 per student / Groups 11 or more: $10 per student
Maximum Group Size:

Over the last 20 years, Melbourne’s laneways have been transformed from forgotten wastelands into unofficial art galleries. Meander through the winding alleys to see amazing artworks by some of the best street artists in the world. Discover the techniques used by street artists, and be amazed by how far reaching graffiti is. Students will be encouraged to consider the differences between art and vandalism and to think about how graffiti and street art impact the city and its people.

Look Up – Melbourne Architecture Tour

Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost: Groups 10 or less: $15 per student / Groups 11 or more: $10 per student
Maximum Group Size:

When you’re in the city, some of the most beautiful vistas can only be found by looking up. Architecture is a tangible documentation of history. In this energetic tour, take in some of the stories that have helped to shape Melbourne, from Old Melbourne Goal to Federation Square.

Gallery Tour – Year 12 Studio Art

Duration: Minimum 2 hours
Cost: $15 per student
Maximum Group Size: 30

Urban Scrawl’s Gallery Tour is specifically geared towards satisfying the criteria laid out in Area of Study 3: Art Industry Contexts in the Studio Art Study Design. Taking in at least three different types of galleries, including commercial, public and ARI, students have the opportunity to speak to industry professionals about their role and the roles of their colleagues. Supporting the information provided by special speakers, guides will also offer important information about gallery management, and the flow from artist to consumer in each case.


Laneways Mini Tour

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $8 per student
Maximum Group Size: 30

Urban Scrawl’s Laneways Mini Tour takes students treasure-hunting in three of Melbourne’s most exciting street art locations. Students will get to know about certain artists and how they work, different street art techniques, discuss the issues surrounding vandalism vs legal street art, and think about the reasons people use street art to express ideas and creativity.